Course curriculum

    1. Getting to know what you really want

    2. Discovering what fuels you & identifying energy leaks

    3. Worksheet 1A: Journal Prompts

    4. Worksheet 1B: Energy Observation Challenge

    1. What are values & why are they critical to finding fulfillment?

    2. Uncovering your true values & creating guiding pillars

    3. Integrating your values & living in alignment with them daily

    4. Identifying the gaps between your values & your work/life

    5. Differentiating your personal core values from your business/career values

    6. Re-defining success to align with your core values

    7. Real Client Stories: What Happens When You Live Your Values

    8. Worksheet 2A: Uncover your values

    9. Worksheet 2B: Redefine success

    1. Personal story: How I discovered my zone of genius

    2. What is your zone of genius & why is it critical that you uncover it?

    3. Why most people don't operate inside their zone of genius

    4. The mindset blocks that will keep you from stepping into your zone of genius & how to overcome them

    5. Real Client Stories: What happens when you step into your zone of genius

    6. How to uncover your unique zone of genius

    7. Worksheet 3 - Unlock Your Zone Of Genius

    1. Establishing work life balance & getting your happy back

    2. Worksheet 4A: Defining your boundaries

    3. Worksheet 4B: Creating your ingredient list for joy & meaning

    1. Real Client Story: The power of lifestyle design

    2. Figuring out what is and isn't working & what you truly want in every area of your life

    3. Designing your ideal day

    4. Identifying your 10 life dreams

    5. Worksheet 5: Design your level 10 life

About this course

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